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August 2017

Forced arbitration agreements are unconstitutional

There is always talk about the Holy Grail of our Republic, the Constitution. Nary a day goes by that you won’t find someone somewhere demonstrating to protect their “rights,” most of which revolve around free speech, privacy and bearing arms. However, one right that is being attacked by the Trump administration today is receiving little […]

Monday the 28th

November 2016

February 2015

July 2014

August 2008

Governor Easley Signs 28 Bills Into Law

Raleigh, NC – North Carolina Governor Mike Easley signed 28 bills into law including buying Cape Fear River dams from the United States, car inspections, oil clean-up, military family education, state tort claims and public duty doctrine, background checks for nursing home workers, and more. The 28 bills were recently passed by the North Carolina […]

Friday the 8th

February 2008

July 2007

Personal care providers face state inquiries

Raleigh, NC – State Medicaid investigators are looking into more than 80 criminal allegations of fraud, forgery, or theft by workers or companies who offer personal care services such as bathing, dressing and feeding people in their homes. The state Attorney General’s Office said this week that half the investigations were opened during the past […]

Friday the 27th

July 2006

Patient Abuse Charge Could Lead to Second Investigation

Wilmington, NC – The arrest of a Wilmington nursing home worker could lead to another investigation involving the facility itself and whether it followed procedures. Nursing Assistant Brenda Harper turned herself in to police Monday to face charges of patient abuse. Detectives say she hit a 90-year-old patient in the head three times and swore […]

Friday the 28th