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Baby Boomers Face Aging Parents; Nothing prepares children for placing a parent in a long-term care facility

When Joan Mayor made the difficult decision to place her father, age 94, in a nursing home, she relied on her medical experience to help her communicate his needs to the staff. She maintained active involvement in his care, ensuring that he received the best possible treatment. But not all Baby Boomers facing this ordeal have a medical background to rely on. And with the National Center for Elder Abuse estimating that up to 10% of those in skilled care facilities are abused, involvement in a loved one’s care can make all the difference. Nearly 36 million Americans are over age 65, according to a 2005 MetLife study on aging. As our population ages, more and more families have to face a difficult decision: whether to put a loved one in a skilled nursing facility, or nursing home. This decision brings with it a host of problems, not the least of which is ensuring that the resident receives adequate care in their new home. To help solve this problem, Care Plan Information has just been published and released. Care Plan Information is a well-designed packet of forms for family members or loved ones to fill out. It prepares family members to meet with staff at the facility to determine the necessary and best care for a loved one. Care Plan Information is a critically needed packet of information for those who have loved ones in a nursing home. Care Plan Information is designed so that families and loved ones can know what criteria the facility will use to create a plan of care for the resident. Families and loved ones will no longer be in the dark about what they need to be communicating with the skilled nursing facility. “There has been a serious need for this kind of informational packet, because placing a loved one in a Skilled Nursing Facility can be very overwhelming and stressful experience and there needs to be something to help people attain the best possible care for family members,” says Mrs. Mayor, publisher of Care Plan Information.

About Care Plan Information:

Care Plan Information helps families make better nursing care choices and protect their loved ones. For more information, please visit To request a review copy of Care Plan Information, please contact Sadie Peterson at 619-549-6838. Contact: Joan Mayor, Care Plan Information, 607-273-2870 Sadie Peterson, Public Relations Specialist, 619-549-6838

March 24, 2006

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