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Cracking Down on Elder Abuse


Baltimore, MD - It was a disturbing case of elder abuse caught on tape… a 90 year old Baltimore man beaten by his caretaker. The victim’s daughter is now pushing for a law in her dad’s name that would stiffen elder abuse penalties. The victim’s daughter, Jaki Taylor, made the discovery thanks to cameras she had put in her home.

The caretaker Anastacia Oluoch was arrested and charged in the beating. But she was able to make bail and eventually flee from the law. Taylor says, “It makes me really irate that she bailed herself out with the money I had been paying her to take care of my dad. Eight days before the trial, she flees the country and goes back home to Nairobi, Kenya.”

The caretaker never stood trial. That prompted Taylor to push for legislation in her father’s name. It’s called the John Taylor act and the bill would stiffen penalties and deny bail to anyone charged with first degree elder abuse.

March 19, 2008

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