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Nursing home abuse headlines from June, 2016.

June 2016

Family Blames Nursing Home for Mom’s Death

FRESNO, Calif. (CN) — A family claims in court that a nursing home employee assaulted their mother by hitting her in the head with a showerhead after telling her to “shut up” because she was crying from a fall that broke both her wrists. Read more at

Wednesday the 29th

Nursing Home Firm Questioned

Montpelier — Vermont health care regulators fired a barrage of questions Thursday at representatives of a corporation that wants to add five nursing homes in the state to its nationwide portfolio of more than 500 facilities. Read more at

Monday the 6th

Confirmed Abuse of Veteran in a Norman Veteran Center

The State Department of Health has confirmed abuse and neglect of a military veteran at the Oklahoma Veterans Center in Norman. This report comes weeks after evidence revealed that residents of the Norman Veterans Center were overcharged for supplies, according to a press release sent by the Democratic Caucus in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. […]

Friday the 3rd