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Nursing home abuse headlines from April, 2018.

April 2018

Advice for adult children of aging parents who need help at home

Helping a parent stay active and healthy at home can be achieved with careful planning. The rewards of personally caring for, or managing the care of, a loved one who needs help are innumerable. It’s an opportunity to give back and to offer a return on the loving investment they once made in us. The […]

Friday the 20th

Nursing home duped for 4 months by RN-impostor

A skilled nursing facility in West Virginia employed a “nurse” for nearly four months before discovering she was using someone else’s licensing credential. Police in Kanawha County have filed a felony charge against Ashley Monday, 33, whom they say posed as a registered nurse to get a job at the Eastbrook Center in Charleston. Read […]

Wednesday the 18th