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Nursing home abuse headlines from the Arkansas nursing home abuse news archives.

December 2017

Arkansas nursing homes high in medication errors

Linda Cooper spent her final days in a north Arkansas nursing home working crossword puzzles — always in ink. Hers wasn’t a slow spiral into death’s grasp. It was sudden. The 65-year-old died after a nurse with a history of making mistakes gave her another resident’s high-dose narcotics. Read more at

Monday the 4th

October 2015

Red Oak Nursing Home Accused of Abuse and Multiple Citations

A 118-page investigation reveals Red Oak was cited for multiple infractions graded on an ‘A’ through ‘L’ scale, with ‘L’ being the worst grade. Red Oak received a ‘K’ for effective administration, revealing failed practices that could have resulted in serious harm or death. ‘K in residents free of medication errors, and ‘E’ in housekeeping […]

Monday the 5th

August 2014

March 2008

Nursing home lawsuit settled

Fayetteville, AR – A four-day civil trial scheduled to begin Monday was avoided after parties agreed to an out-of-court settlement in a case involving patient care at a Fayetteville nursing home. Mona Casey, the guardian for James Casey, filed the lawsuit in 2005 against Rose Care Inc., KMJ Enterprises, Rochier Heights LLC, NWA Nursing Center […]

Tuesday the 4th

September 2007

Jury Awards $2.3 Million Verdict in Nursing Home Case

Little Rock, AR – A Ouachita County jury has awarded a $2.3 million verdict in a case against a nursing home run by Beverly Heathcare…. Lawyers in the case said that at the time of his death, Herman [Johnson] had been suffering from “pressure sores, malnutrition and a number of other symptoms typical of elder […]

Wednesday the 19th

June 2007

Ruling upheld

Batesville, AR – When Circuit Judge John Norman Harkey granted a class action lawsuit against a local nursing home, the health care facility appealed. Wednesday, the Arkansas Supreme Court unanimously upheld Harkey’s decision. Initially, the lawsuit involved only Helen Cook, a former resident of Batesville Nursing and Rehab. The lawsuit filed in Independence County Circuit […]

Friday the 22nd

October 2006

Attorney General Candidates Support “Granny Cam” Legislation

Little Rock, AK – The candidates for state attorney general voiced support Monday for legislation to put video cameras in nursing home residents’ rooms but disagreed on the effect amendments had on a previous version that failed in 2005. Both Democratic candidate Dustin McDaniel and Republican opponent Gunner DeLay spoke in support of so-called “granny […]

Monday the 2nd

August 2006

AARP seeks to end payday lending, opposes shields for rest homes

Fayetteville, AR – Members of the Arkansas chapter of the AARP began a statewide tour Wednesday to promote issues in the November election, including ending payday lending and opposing additional legal protections for nursing homes…. The AARP also asked if candidates supported or opposed expansion of a 2003 act, which provided some legal protections — […]

Thursday the 24th

June 2006

Caretaker accused of abusing elderly patient

Fayetteville, AR – A caretaker at the Fayetteville Health and Rehab Center was arrested Tuesday for allegedly abusing a 77-yearold nursing home patient suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Dison Kalio, 41, of 128 E. Poplar in Fayetteville faces a felony charge of seconddegree battery for allegedly abusing an elderly patient on June 10 at the Fayetteville […]

Friday the 30th