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CNA pleads not guilty to adult abuse

A Newton woman accused of abusing an adult woman under her care at a local nursing home has pleaded not guilty to dependent adult abuse. Jacki L. Owens, 33, entered the plea on the serious misdemeanor charge and waived her right to a speedy trial last week. Owens was working as a CNA at Newton […]

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3 who ran nursing homes face jail terms

Des Moines, IA – Executives who took over management of a troubled chain of nursing homes with ties to Iowa now face prison terms after being convicted of defrauding the nation’s taxpayers of $34 million. Prosecutors say the three officials bilked the government between 1999 and 2006 by creating 150 fictitious foreign corporations that, in […]

Tuesday the 15th

Caregiving abuse information now online

Mason City, IA – The names of some care center employees terminated for abusing residents and the facts surrounding the alleged abuses are available to the public online. In May, the Iowa Attorney General’s Office clarified an interpretation of state law to permit broader public access to records of Iowa Workforce Development, the state agency […]

Sunday the 13th

June 2008

Iowa AG allows some access to abuse records

Des Moines, IA – The Iowa Attorney General’s Office asked the Iowa Workforce Department (IWD) last week to release the names of caregivers fired for abuse in nursing homes throughout the state. Last August, some of the judges who preside over public hearings on unemployment benefit issues relied on a controversial interpretation of a 17-year-old […]

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