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Camera caught nursing home staff mocking resident. Investigators find more problems.

RALEIGH-The state has substantiated claims that a nursing home mistreated a resident after a daughter secretly recorded staff insulting her father. The hidden camera Rebecca Knapton placed in her father’s room at Universal Health Care/North Raleigh captured staff belittling him after he had fallen out of bed and was calling for help. Read more at […]

Tuesday the 29th

Abuse investigation at Raleigh nursing home

A North Raleigh nursing home says they’ve fired members of their staff after a patient’s daughter secretly recorded her father being left on the cold floor for two hours. Read more at

Monday the 21st

August 2017

Forced arbitration agreements are unconstitutional

There is always talk about the Holy Grail of our Republic, the Constitution. Nary a day goes by that you won’t find someone somewhere demonstrating to protect their “rights,” most of which revolve around free speech, privacy and bearing buy cheap cialis usa visa arms. However, one right that is being attacked by the Trump […]

Monday the 28th

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