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Man arrested, charged for elder exploitation

St. George Police arrested a man on Monday, charging him with wrongful appropriation-theft, three counts of unlawful use of a finance card and acquiring a finance card without permission in addition to adult abuse/exploitation while in a trusted position after he allegedly stole a man’s wallet while he was working. The alleged victim lives in […]

Monday the 12th

June 2008

Man pleads in sex abuse case involving elderly woman

Salt Lake City, UT – A man originally charged with raping an elderly woman at a nursing home where he worked has pleaded guilty to a lesser crime as part of a plea bargain. Jacob Mut Bolith, 31, had been charged with first-degree felony rape, second-degree felony forcible sex abuse and lewdness, a class A […]

Monday the 16th

Utah’s Nursing Homes: Compromised Care

Salt Lake City, UT – Alvin Brewster has a hard time taking care of himself. He can’t walk very well. His memory slips. But despite his health problems, he could still recognize the conditions he was living in. "It was a dump," says Alvin, 66. He’s talking about Pine Ridge Care Center, a Salt Lake […]

Sunday the 15th

Special Focus: Mt. Ogden

Salt Lake City, UT – At the request of Congress, the federal government has released a list of the worst performing nursing homes in the nation. Mt. Ogden Health and Rehabilitation is the only Utah nursing home listed. These "special focus facilities" have the worst track record over the last three years and must have […]

Saturday the 14th

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